"You arrive at a village, and in this calm environment, one starts to hear echo"

This project deals with development of village as a ideal village. We define ideal village as bundle of technical devices of which are delivered to its residence in an effective and efficient manner.“Ideal Village” is that modern energy access acts as a catalyst for development in environment that in turns support further improvement in energy access. We focus on technology which uses improved resources, for a happy and technical society. We are making ideal village by taking smart decisions using smart technology. It is completely based on old tradition of livelihood fused with technology.


  1. 1. Automatic switch for water motor
  2. 2. Solar tracking
  3. 3. Home made electricity
  4. 4. Smoke absorber
  5. 5. Automatic street lights
  6. 6. Water conservation in agricultural fields
  7. 7. Waste water purification
  8. 8. Smart dustbin
  9. 9. Zero budget farming
  10. 10. Automatic irrigation
  11. 11. Rain water harvesting
  12. 12. Installation of smart dustbins demo

Metku Saraswati
E Shiva balaji
V Vishnu varun