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With the prime motto of educating the rural India, RGUKT was established in 2008 to cater the best educational needs which would ensure better opportunities for young and innovative rural minds of Telangana and Andhra pradesh. RGUKT Basar provides residence for about 6000+ students offering six-year integrated program. RGUKT is now, providing the best education facilities for the innovative minds of rural Telangana. RGUKT imparts to each student, broad skills of Learning to Learn, Learning to Think and Learning to Live and also reinforce the core values of integrity, respect for all, and care for environment. Students are taught to disseminate and advance knowledge in the emerging fields such as Information Technology, Nanotechnology and almost all the latest emerging technologies. RGUKT sets to make special provisions for integrated courses including Humanities, Social Sciences and other interdisciplinary areas to impart broad-based education including soft skills and personality development based managerial skills. It provides itself the best function as a resource center for knowledge management and entrepreneurship development in the emerging technologies.

Won an award at the 8th NTA ICT World Communication Summit, for an outstanding contribution to rural education.

Won the 10th eINDIA Award for its ICT Based Hybrid Education.

Bagged highest number of Summer Internships for the year 2014 at ASL Labs, in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay.

Won many prizes (top 3) and a honourable mention in Space Settlement Design Competition at International Space Development Conference (ISDC), conducted by the National Space Society (NSS), United States(US).

Secured 6 ranks in the top 100 and the best being 8th rank in GATE 2014.

More than 250 students out of the shortlisted 900 for the post of Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) in 2015 are from RGUKT-Basar.

22 students were selected in the interviews at RGUKT-Basar, conducted by Indian Army Selection Board in 2014.

Have been continuously triumphing the EENADU Cricket Championship Trophy since three years at district level.

Won the first prize in National Creative Aptitude Test (NCAT)-2015.

The total area of our campus is 272 acres.

The Hostel has 887 dormitories built over an area of 4,23,667 Sq ft. We have highly technified classrooms with a worldclass infrastructure.

We have an academic library, Student activity Centre building with 2 Gyms, Table tennis court, Basketball court, 2 playgrounds, 1 football court, Yoga hall, Dance hall, Conference hall, auditoriums, laundry building, open air auditorium, guest house.