Techies for KARSHAK

Techies for Karshak - 2k18

- Improving agriculture, Improving lives

Techies for Karshak-2K18 : " Improving agriculture, Improving lives "

A farmer doesn't just work till the sun down, he works till our hunger calms down.....

'Techies For KARSHAK' has created a path to deliver what we can do to the farmers at best. So, all the Technocrats, convert all your innovative thoughts into a technology that makes farming better in the form of working models & presentations.

' Techies for KARSHAK ' is an event where many innovative minds come together to help farmers.Techies for Karshak has come forward to help in two ways :

1) Educating them through presentations.

We educate them through paper & poster presentations on different areas like :

* Loans
* Government Schemes
* Soil testing at homes
* Bio-Farming
* Mode of Farming
* Diseases
* Disasters ( Droughts,Floods etc.)
* Economic crops (Profit,non-profit)
* Fishery, Gardening, Poultry
* Advanced farming
* Water management and many more

2) Projects on solving agricultural problems.

Projects (working models / mobile apps) can be done on various techs that improve the agricultural methods.Some of the topics for the projects include:

-> Cotton picking
-> Ground water detection
-> Difficulty in removing weeds
-> Palm tree climbing
-> Moisture testing
-> Paddy transplantation
-> Protecting plants from animals and birds
-> Controlling pests
-> Oil extraction from seeds
-> Marketing agricultural products

Apart from the above mentioned topics, students can select their own topic to work on.
* All the winners of the event will be rewarded ( Prize money - Rs.10,000).
* The best innovations will be encouraged to become a start-up too.

Each team consists maximum of 4 members for working models and 2 members for poster & paper presentations.
Registration fee : Rs 200 /- for working models .

Registration fee : Rs 100 /- for presentations .

For more details, contact:

Ph1: 7729054451
Ph2: 9666186705
Ph3: 8179255527